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We're hiring: Jnr Copy Writer & Researcher

IMPORTANT NOTICE: While this job is highly focused on social media and all-round digital communications, this position is at a small company and therefore requires an individual who is multifaceted, willing to learn new skills and is willing to get their hands dirty.


  • I’m looking for someone who values growth and learning. Who has a hunger for becoming a better version of themselves every day.

  • A natural love for research, archive digging, and understanding new topics - even when they’re outside of your comfort zone.

  • You have to love reading. In the research element of this job, there’s a lot of it, and it contributes to building different perspectives for writing.

  • Strong admin and documenting skills.

  • Must have a passion for social justice and making a difference in the world.

  • Should be naturally drawn towards social media, content creation and digital in general.

  • Must have an intuition about trends, popular culture, societal interests and South African culture.

  • Forward and open thinker. Willing to challenge the status quo and can stand up for their beliefs, values and opinions – in a healthy and respectful way.

  • Loyalty, passion, drive and instinct will serve you well.

  • Must be Cape Town based.

  • Should be self-accountable.


This job predominantly involves writing copy for digital platforms such as:

  • Social Media captions

  • Blogs

  • E-mailers

  • Websites etc

but other writing will come into play for things such as reports, internal publications for clients, press releases, video scripts and articles.

The research aspect of the job is not heavy, but is rather a support skill needed in this role.

  • Profiling and researching the competitors of our clients

  • Profiling and researching new potential clients - guidance will be given

  • Researching campaign ideas

  • Researching all the content needed for writing tasks. Example, if you need to write a blog post on Internet User Trends in Africa - you need to know how and where to find the relevant and latest information.

  • Looking into speakers for webinars and events

  • Doing preliminary research for other members of the team based on their areas of work

  • Checking and reporting on daily trends and news.


While this job is highly focused on research and writing, the workload is not enough to create a full time position solely for this. We are a growing company with aggressive expansion plans and will therefore require someone who’s willing to undertake other tasks as well. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling and posting on social media

  • Maintaining and upkeep of internal project management tools

  • Social Media Community Management - responding to comments, DMs etc.

  • Liaising with clients, suppliers and stakeholders

  • Working with the team to come up with ideas for campaigns, social media posts, marketing activities, events etc.

  • Write briefs, memos, meeting notes etc.

You must be able to switch between writing styles and tone to suite a variety of clients.


  • Speaking and writing South African languages other than English and Afrikaans.

  • Having your own smartphone and laptop.

  • Having a car. This is not important, but you must be willing to travel around Cape Town with public transport or Uber as you will often have to visit clients, locations etc.


  • You will learn A LOT about entrepreneurship and running a business.

  • You will build strong, meaningful connections with my network of really powerful and impactful individuals and organisations.

  • I will care about you, mentor you, help you find your own path and encourage you to do what you love.

  • This is a full-time position that requires a lot of dedication but I’m super flexible and don’t watch the clock. As long as you’re around when you need to be, and you get your work done, we’ll be cool.


  • It’s hard work. I will push you.

  • You’ll be working across two sub-brands that exist within the company.

  • While experience & education in this space will help you (especially when it comes to writing), this job has no minimum educational or experience requirements, however, I will need to see proof of your work and you need to be able to demonstrate your understanding of the industry. Personal brands, blogs, your own pages etc can count towards this.

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the above, don’t worry about experience, I will lead most projects, give clear instruction and will train you where necessary.

  • Our organisation is growing and I would ideally like to work with someone who I can train up and mentor to manage departments when I’m not around. We think long term, and the keeping the bigger picture in mind is always important.


  • Salary range: R5000 – R8 000 depending on the person, level of experience and other factors.

  • Three-month probation with a one-year contract following that.

  • Looking for someone to start immediately.

To apply:

  • Send your CV and / or portfolio to

  • A motivational letter of why you think you’re right for this job. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your writing skills.

  • Your social media handles or handles of accounts you’ve work on in the past.

  • Examples of your writing

Applications close on Friday 9 July 2021 at 10:00am



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