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Best Birthday Ever – Marketing the cinema release

Best Birthday Ever, released in South African cinemas in August 2022, is a film based on the popular German children’s book series called Karlchen-Geschichten by Rotraut Susanne Berner. This was the first kids’ movie that TN Comms had worked on and it allowed our team to use their creativity and skill to make it a success. This campaign ran for six weeks and we had an extensive scope of work that required all hands on deck.




Paid Media and Digital Strategy


Our first task required us to compile a paid media and digital strategy. This entailed breaking up the six weeks into different phases – “coming soon” and “now in cinema”.

Social Media Campaign and Management


The campaign was heavily focussed on Facebook – as the primary platform – and this was where we pushed the coming soon and now in cinemas messages, and managed two nationwide giveaway campaigns.


From a day-to-day perspective, we took care of copywriting developing organic and paid content, and worked closely with the project designers to bring our vision to life. We were also responsible for community management; responding to comments, queries, and building hype around the release.


This project was particularly interesting as the tonality of the campaign was different from anything we had worked on before, writing in a style that appealed to parents and children, from the perspective of a five-year-old was challenging and exciting at the same time.


Partnership and Influencer Relations


With a project such as this, leveraging partners is a great way to amplify your message and so partnership relations ended up being a big part of our strategy. We tapped into our influencer database and worked with HeartFM, NuMetro, Charlie’s Bakery, and Chateaux Gateaux to run giveaways and invite people to private screenings of the movie, before the public release.


Events and Project Management


On 24 August 2022, we hosted a private screening at Canal Walk where the winners of our social media competition, their kids, and the HeartFM winners got to experience Charlie’s 5th birthday by watching the movie a day before it released to the public. Our team managed the setup, welcoming, and registration of the evening.


All in all, it was a successful film campaign as it met our clients’ needs and stuck to the timeframe they required. We had a great time working on this movie and tapping into our inner child.



Gabrielle Joseph

Copywriter and Content Creation

TN Communications


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