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The platforms are always changing, the way online communities want to be engaged is ever-evolving, the algorithms are constantly being updated, and no two businesses are the same. We don't have standard packages, we don't offer blanket solutions and we don't copy and paste strategies.

Instead, we learn from our mistakes, we continuously work on improving our processes, we focus on trend watching, we forecast, and we tailor-make our offering to each individual client, campaign or project - no matter how big or small.

We use cohesive, cross-channel, and purpose-driven Digital Communications to make sure that your online presence helps you achieve your business goals.

We get to know our clients, we spend time understanding their unique position in the market, their objectives and most importantly, their values. Only then, do we build & implement a strategy that works, for you.

Service Offering


Working with Shakirah and her team at TN Communications was an absolute blessing. Their attention to detail and care for our film was beautiful to be part of. They understood BARAKAT and the way it would need to be released into the world because they understood the detail and culture of the film and its audience. They researched it, engaged with it, but most importantly they understood it.

Ephraim GordonDirector

Shakirah Dramat, a focussed and driven organiser. Full of ideas, structure and systems. We’ve worked with Shakirah in many instances. Our latest event with Shakirah, the Mariah Carey concert, arranging the food and beverage for a large percentage of the 15 000 attendees, managing her own sourced staff count of about 200 + people, staying on top of her game at all times & assuming responsibility where necessary. I’d recommend Shakirah for any event, her skill set has proven to be extremely dynamic & resourceful, she’s confident and I’ve yet to see her fail.

Ricky Ruthenberg - Bootlegger HoldingsOperations Director

Working with Shakirah was a game-changer for our business. We planned a meaningful campaign with no understanding of how to communicate our message to the masses. We met with Shakirah and within days, she refined our message and made sure we were in newspapers and on radio and TV. We’re planning our next campaign now and inviting her to handle our PR again was a no-brainer.

Jaryd Raizon - Trusted InternsFounder

Working with Shakirah and her team from TN Communications has been an absolute game-changer for our business (DMK Paramedical Skincare). Their innovative strategies and top-notch execution have significantly boosted our brand’s visibility and engagement. The team’s professionalism, responsiveness, and results-driven approach make them our go-to choice for all our marketing needs. Highly recommend!

Najma Khan - DMK Skincare South AfricaEducation Manager

I would like to thank the TN Comms team for all their time, input, dedication, and devotion over the past 2 years and for living and growing the Conradie Park brand and lifestyle with us.
They truly lived the experience and helped us and our little community grow and prosper to what it is today!
This will not be the last time we engage. The Conradie Park team will continue to watch and follow the other brands you manage and grow!

Mark SchonrockProperty Development Executive at Concor

I extend this reference to TN Communications, whose services played a pivotal role in the successful launch of our animated feature film, HeadSpace.

Produced by Luma Animation, HeadSpace was a project that demanded innovative and engaging marketing strategies to captivate potential audiences and generate a buzz as the feature launched. From the outset, Shakirah and her talented team showed an acute understanding of our goals, the digital landscape, and the necessary tactics to effectively reach, and engage our target demographic. Their strategic setup of our social media networks was not only timely but also creatively tailored, aligning with HeadSpace’s unique brand and aesthetic.

As the film premiered across nearly 80 cinemas in South Africa, there was an undeniable excitement in the air which was a testament to the buzz they helped propagate through various social media channels. Their efforts were integral to filling cinema seats and contributed to a wave of local support for our industry. They fostered an online presence for HeadSpace that resonated well with fans and went above and beyond to ensure our message reached far and wide.

I would recommend TN Communications for any organisation looking to amplify their online engagement and leave a lasting impression.

Dumi Gumbi - Executive ProducerLuma Animation

The way that the TN communications team listens to their clients, creates manageable workflows, and sustains execution while prioritizing film marketing on platforms should be the golden standard.

Jana Erasmus - Indigenous FilmProducer of Marketing and Distribution

For the longest time we were looking for someone who would be able to do our PR and TN Communications more than delivered. They are attentive, professional and took the time to fully understand our organization. They wrote our Press releases in our exact language and did an excellent job getting us placements in various publications, digital platforms and radio with a short turnaround time. During 2020 we featured in more platforms than we had featured in, in the 4 years prior to working with TN Communications. TN Communications exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend others to work with them.

Ishmael Sibiya DirectorHear My Voice

Shakirah Dramat has managed the digital marketing and social media for the South African Book Development Council (SABDC) since 2018. The SABDC owns two national brands, National Book Week and the South African Book Fair. Our work is complex and abstract as we primarily lead strategy, research and policy for the South African book sector. Shakirah has made it her business to understand our work, taking our complex, abstract content and packaging it into easily digestible messages and formats. Shakirah has added significant value to our work.

Elitha van der SandtChief Executive Officer South African Book Development Council

Shakirah was a great asset to my team when we launched our webinar programme in 2020. Her technical skill set and her personality accompanied with her great marketing and more specifically branding insights was very refreshing. She is easy to work with, has an amazing professional ethic that I thoroughly enjoyed and completely embarrasses innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in her methodology.

Charleen Duncan DirectorCenter for Entrepreneurship, University of the Western Cape